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Disaster Management


APOWA has been at the forefront of providing emergency relief, rescue and rehabilitation support to the victims of any disasters in the coastal parts of Odisha during last 16 years.  We focus on saving lives and livelihoods, providing relief and thus assisting the most vulnerable groups in this poor region of the country. The rescue and response teams have been formed and trained with first aid and search & rescue skills. The volunteers identified from each area have been lead to complete the assignment during the disasters.   

- 1999 Super Cyclone work-

The Super Cyclone that occurred on the 29th Oct.1999 in Orissa  more than 10,000 people were dead and 250,000 cattle, destroyed 2 million houses, 1.8 million ha paddy and 33,000 ha non paddy land. APOWA had focused on providing relief and rehabilitation to the victims in its home district Kendrapara.

1. Emergency relief including distribution of food, shelter materials and medicines and medical supplies to remote villages. Disaster Assessment and Logistical support.

2. Carcasses disposal both animals and people

3. Treatment camps both for people and their animals

4. Rehabilitation programmes through income generation programmes

-2001, 2003 Flood rescue, relief and rehabilitation work-

We had been provided rescue, relief and rehabilitation to flood victims. Our highly experienced team of volunteers, doctors and technical personnel helped to victims to recover from these catastrophonic events. The major focuses of the flood work are:

  • Rescue and Evacuation of victims to safer places
  • Emergency feeding, treatment
  • Provide of temporary shelters and drinking water
  • Treatment camps and restoration of livelihoods
  • Repair of shelters

- 2006 and 2007 Flood relief-

When deadly mudslides and floods affected coastal Orissa in 2006 and 2007 in two consecutive years, APOWA acted quickly with its Team to assess the situation and provide vital aid to the peoples and animals affected by the disaster.  

-2008 Flood rescue and relief-

The flood in 2008, which have called the worst in living memory for coastal districts, have not only killed many of people and displaced hundreds of thousands. The flood was affected more than 4.5 million people and 2 million animals in 4 coastal districts. The team brings shelter, food and treatment to many thousands of peoples and animals affected by flood in Odisha. The 7 months long relief works had a unique opportunity and challenges for APOWA team to provide relief to a large number of affected people and animals in severe flood in last 50 years in the coastal districts of Odisha.  

- 2009 Tornado Relief and Rescue works-

Our rescue teams have been responded to the worst Tornado of 31st March 2009 in the 15 villages of Rajkanika block of Kendrapara district, Odisha state. According to the assessment, some 10,000 people and 4500 animals have become homeless. The tornado flattened about 1600 mud and straw houses. More than 20 persons lost life. We were on the ground immediately on the first night after disaster struck and undertook the rescue and relief works.  

-2011 Flood-

Our disaster rescue team was constantly on the go for two months from the first day of the flood devastation. Our teams not only rescued and cared for thousands of animals, but played a crucial role in helping local communities recover from the devastation. We had also provided animal feeds to owners and direct feeding to thousands stray animals who survived the dreadful flood. 

-2013 Cyclone Phailin and Flood Response-

On 12 October 2013 Cyclone Phailin, with torrential rains and winds of up to 220 kmph and following flood left a trail of destruction in coastal districts of Odisha. It was estimated that 4.1 lakh houses, 40000 cattle and standing crops in 6.71 lakh hectares of land, have been completely destroyed. We have conducted relief and rescue work in affected villages of Ganjam and Kendrapara district of Odisha state. We helped animals in desperate need, and the poor families who rely on them.  Apart from that, our volunteers are monitoring the transparency in distribution of Govt’s relief materials and ensure that weaker section of the society get much benefit from it in our base villages.


























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Receiving 12th Bhagwan Mahaveer Award 2008 from Hon'ble President of India.

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