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I have a very pleasant day at Paradeep, Orissa doing a survey of the Orissa turtles and have been helped enormously by APOWA and think they are doing a tremendous effort for all animals, especially the endangered species. I wish them well for the future and hope their example will be followed by many more. 

Dr Robert Sutcliffe, England,  Date: 25.01.2002    

During my visit to APOWA, Kendrapara, I perused their documents, registers, activities, photographs, of animal treatment camps. They are doing excellent work in the field of animal welfare. I wish them well and b est for their future programmes. 

S.B.Saroha, Under Secretary, Animal Welfare Division, Ministry of Environment &Forests, Govt of India, New Delhi. Date: 03.07.2002   

It’s hearteniy to know that such an organization has been working for the betterment of animals in Kendrapara district. It gave me in immense pleasure to be here. Through it’s in embryonic style, I wish this organization all success in future.

Avilash Roul, Research Fellow, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Date: 26.08.2002


Have spent a great few days with the staff of APOWA and got the chance to explore the nearby national park. The environment in Orissa is spectacular to say the least, and its development needs to be managed carefully in the following years. I wish APOWA all the best in its work to make sure the wildlife of Orissa have a bright and prosperous future. Good luck. 

Chris Turtan, Australia  Date: 11.01.2004

 It’s been wonderful to find civic action for companion towards animals in this corner of Orissa. Would like to spend more time to participate such work at some time. My best wishes to all the activists & concerned people of this area. Best luck.

Aarthi Sridhar, ATREE, Bangalore Date: 30.01.2004

In obedience to the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary services, Orissa, Cuttack. I have visited and verified the animal welfare organization ‘APOWA’ and its activities for the animal health security. I have enquired all the matters and satisfied. To the best of my knowledge and belief I opine they are very very much touchy to affected ad distress animals. I wish all success to the warriors of the organization.

Dr Laxman Kumar Behera, Chief District Veterinary Officer,

Dept. of ARD, Govt of Orissa,Date: 28.06.2004


Today I am very much happy that, one organization like APOWA a reputed organization in the district of Kendrapara is working the betterment for animals. Now a days very less peoples are worried about animals but, as I am a statistician. I have collected the data about APOWA, because I have very interest to know and to do something for animals. Considering the data it indicates that, APOWA is working best and I hope the organization will progress.

Ganesh Chandra Kund, Lecturer in Statics, College of Fisheries, OUAT

Date: 14.05.2005


Thank you for your dedicated work for all animals of India. My complete administration for the immediate response in the cyclones of august/Sept 2006. I look forward to working in India in future disasters which will be made more successful with groups like APOWA who can respond with the fantastic team of volunteers. All the best & warmest wishes.


Sherry Grant, Humane Society International, Asia Director Disaster Response

Date: 08.09.2006


Enthusiastic, courageous and ‘HANDS ON” – I would described APOWA in the above sentence. Being from such a remote location. I think the networking is really amazing. The heart is in right place and success would shortly come. All the best and much appreciation for all the work that you (APOWA) have done.


Rahul Sehgal, Asia manager, Humane Society International

Date: 08.09.2006


It was more than a pleasure meeting Mr.B.K.Kabi and his enthusiast staff at APOWA. I am impressed and encouraged by his commitments and sincere efforts for a just cause in this part of the state. This willingness to learn and contribute has greatly inspired others at APOWA. APOWA’s efforts to protect and conserve a large number of threatened species will contribute substantially to the ongoing programmes of biodiversity conservation and livelihood security in and around the coastal ecosystem.

Support, assistance and hospitality received at APOWA will always remain very close to my heart and I express my sincere gratitude for this. I look forward to nurture a sustained and long term relationship with APOWA. Wishing APOWA every success in all their efforts and actions.

Jyotiraj Patra, Doctoral Scholar, Oxford University, Centre for the Environment, University of Oxford, UK. Date:  24.02.2008


I visited this great organization to day and I am excited to see their activities, especially to their great efforts to save wild animals, stopping slaughter of animals and educating the people on these matters in addition to importance of vegetarianism. I am proud to meet all the volunteers who are in 30’s and taking lot of efforts and their service like with a clean motive to achieve their targets. I expect with in few years entire Kendrapara district will come under their efforts, since nearly hundred schools are taking their message. I wish them all the best and great future for APOWA. I also pray Almighty to give them strength to do this noble voluntary works. With love and regards.


TT Durai Rajan, Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation, Chennai , Date08.03.2008


Surprisingly found a unique organization APOWA working for the welfare and protection of Animals of Orissa which is major part of balancing the environment. Really proud of finding the qualities within the volunteers of APOWA. Besides they are also working for the nature. Not only, to protect and good health of animals, but also they are try to look after the natural health of the people. Which is a good sign. And I hope APOWA can reach up to the sky very soon with all their efforts. 


Bijaya Kumar Pusti, State Coordinator,

National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune ,Date:20.04.2008


In course of my visit to the animal health camp organized by APOWA. I got an opportunity to come across their office maintained by this organization. I am very much impressed by observing their various activities done by this organization for the welfare of animals. This organization has performed the appreciable work in last flood 2008 by involving animal health camp, distribution of cattle feed & fodder, restoring of animals in camps. I wish the bright future of this organization.


Dr Keshab Ch Mohanty, Chief District Veterinary Officer,

Dept. of ARD, Govt of Orissa, Date: 24.01.2009


I was very much glad meeting all the staff members of Action for Protection of Wild Animals(APOWA), which is an exceptionally unique, welfare and dynamic society for animals, environment and education. The organization has been running very well since its inception. I wish the society all the success in the coming days.


S.B Mohanty, Intelligence Bureau, Home Department, Govt of Orissa

Date: 11.02.2009


It was a nice opportunity to visit APOWA office, during the scientific trip of School of Biotechnology, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, and interact with the official members of the organization. The efforts taken by APOWA for conservation of the wildlife are enormous. With limited facility and less funding the efforts taken by the organization is huge. We look forward to join hands and work together in near future for conservation of sea turtle.


Dr J.S. Purohit, School of Biotechnology, KIIT University Date: 05.04.2009


I am very happy to see the organization APOWA is working on wildlife protection. We must promote and motivate such organization from every corner. The way they are doing, I am sure APOWA will change the face of NGO sector. I wish them good luck.


Dr Mrutunjaya Suar, Director, School of Biotechnology, KIIT University

Date: 05.04.2009


I appreciate the ventures & initiatives APOWA is undertaking. Promoting wildlife protection & natural sources. I am really surprised to see their dedication. I wish all the best to them.


Dr RM Rathore, School of Biotechnology, KIIT University

Date: 05.04.2009


This was my first visit to Kendrapara district to understand how people cope with extreme events like cyclone and flood. Through I am new to this area; I never face any problem to understand and to do field work. Because the team members of the APOWA have helped me lot to do. I thanked to all the team members of APOWA.


Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati, Research scholar.

Madaras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, Date: 21.10.2009


I am very glad to meet Mr. Bijaya Kabi in a specific occasion where he helped me a lot to face the people of village Khadipal and to make the people aware of wildlife conservation from different aspects. Being the chief functionary of APOWA, a non government organization he is taking much pain to create awareness creating to wildlife conservation among the rural inhabitants. I hope his effort should continue to preserve mangrove environment by creating awareness at the grass root level for all time to come.

Dr Mihir Pattanaik, Range officer, Bhitarkanika Mangrove DivisionDate: 08.11.2009












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