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          Our Partners




Our Mission, Vision & approach

Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA) was established in the year 1999 with a mission of partnering with local communities to protecting the animals and plants that represents the diversity of life by conserving the nature they need to survive.

We are focusing on direct action on the ground to protecting endangered species and their habitats, restoring and conserving degraded mangroves forests, strengthening and helping vulnerable communities become more resilient to the impacts of natural disasters and climate change.

We are working on the basis of principles rather than personalities, politics or profit. The principles are positive and constructive action. 


Our vision towards achieving environmental sustainability, self-reliant healthy society and promoting sustainable development and institutional building at the community level.


Our mission is to work for environment, animal welfare, climate change, and poverty alleviation by partnering with local communities and other stakeholders.

Our Approach:

Our roots run deep and our branches are strong.  Working with local communities is a strong thread that runs right through field activities. APOWA builds upon the organization’s core strengths: achieving demonstrable results; working with a wide range of stakeholders, robust project planning methodologies; our experience with transactions; and, perhaps most importantly, our ability and commitment to back up our strategies. APOWA has adopted a ‘bottom-up’ strategy to ensure the involvement of the community in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

Core Values:

The following values define how we act, they hold us accountable and they drive our decision making:

Transparency- We value accountability, transparency and professional responsibility.

Integrity- We upholds trust and confidence of others in us.

Commitment- We are committed to our work.

Participation- Participatory approach for decision making.                                                                   

Team Work and Collaboration- We work as a team & collaborate with other partners, stakeholders.    

Practicality- Our words and actions are consistently congruent. 

Innovation- We constantly pursue new ideas, technology & creative solutions.  

Empower- Empowering local communities to a sustainable future.  

Community Managed Extension Mechanisms - Building and sustaining community based groups and transferring decision-making responsibilities.   





Our works & achievements

Awards & recognitions

Receiving 12th Bhagwan Mahaveer Award 2008 from Hon'ble President of India.

Our Team

Our core team members and advisors .                    

Our work

APOWA is continuosly works towards animal welfare, mangrove conservation etc..

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