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          Our Partners

Animal Welfare

Caring animals with all protection having given to them opens of the starting point of the big race we have been in. APOWA trying its best to alleviate fear, pain and suffering in countless animals’ lives, and defended the laws that protect them. We determined to make sure that these animals have a better life now through free treatment; food, shelter and cruelty free a happier future. We have been running shelter house for animals in distress.

 Shelter House for Animals in Distress

The injured, sick animals are given treatment in the spot whereas the serious animals are rehabilitating in our shelter house.


§  Shelter house cum hospital for animals in distress was established in the year March 2013.  

§  Since then, we have been running and adopting numbers of distress animals, according to our capacity.  

§  We have been appointed full time animal care taker, shelter manager, driver (Kindness Kids vehicle) vet. Doctor.

§  We aim to expand the existing shelter houses and create more facilities for animals in distress in coming years.

§  We need patronage to manage the animal shelter.

   Kindness Kids Programme

School is a campus which forms the vision of tomorrow. We are inculcating kindness, human values, non-violence, and ahimsa at early school days, where the mind of the child is highly impressionable.  Kindness Kids” project is the brain child of Mr. Philip Wollen, the founder of ‘Winsome Constance Kindness Trust’, Australia.  Kindness is the symbol of unity and humanity. Our mission is to foster kindness & respect for all living beings & protection of environment by involving children & teachers. This is an activity- oriented programme and it has proved successful in changing the attitude of the student community on positive lines. APOWA has been implementing Kindness Kids programme in Odisha since the year 2012 with kind support from WCKT.







Our works & achievements

Awards & recognitions

Receiving 12th Bhagwan Mahaveer Award 2008 from Hon'ble President of India.

Our Team

Our core team members and advisors .                    

Our work

APOWA is continuosly works towards animal welfare, mangrove conservation etc..

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